Education workshop

Art Nouveau - Discovering secession architecture in Bratislava
Spring 2022

The workshop is intended for anybody interested in the architectural heritage of the Austro-Hungarian Secession in Bratislava. The city hosts the largest number of Art Nouveau buildings in good condition that can be found along Slovakia’s stretch of the Danube River. Those participating in the workshop will become acquainted with Secession architecture through different activities including a walk around the city, a short video, educational materials and a reflection on knowledge gained from the workshops. Anyone attending the workshop either interested in studying architecture or from among the general public will have the opportunity to learn about the Secession movement in Bratislava through their own interpretation of its historical architecture. Drawings of Secessionist buildings, together with 3D models of architectural details and ornamentation, will contribute toward the acquisition of creative skills that, along with educational materials, allow everybody to discover the cultural heritage of Art Nouveau.