About us

Cool Nouveau is a digital platform presenting research results and events in which Slovakia participates as part of Strengthening the Cultural Identity of the Danube Region by Building on the Common Heritage of ART NOUVEAU. The Faculty of Architecture and Design, Slovak University of Technology is cooperating with ten other prominent institutions in Austria, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia in implementing the project. The associated partner for the project in Slovakia is the Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava.

The project is being implemented by:

Henrieta Moravčíková – principal coordinator
Jozef Lavička – project manager
Nina Bartošová – communications manager
Monika Bočková, Paulína Ebringerová, Mária Novotná, Henrieta Moravčíková, Martina Jelínková – conception, architectural resolution and design of exhibits
Jana Pohaničová, Veronika Vaňová, Patrik Baxa – education programs and digital catalogue
Nina Bartošová, Martina Jelínková – World Art Nouveau Day
Katarína Fejo, Tomáš Hanáček – urban planning
Nina Bartošová, Henrieta Moravčíková, Jana Pohaničová –writers
Martina Jelínková – platform administrator
Eva Kašáková – visual conception
Anežka Palajová – web design

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